25,388-ton German battleship, built Kiel, 1914. 575ft x 97ft. 46,200hp turbines.

Armed: ten 12in, fourteen 5.9in, two 3.45in guns, five torpedo tubes. Position: 58 53. 65N; 03 09.77W.

Depth: 38m.
Sunk: 21 June, 1919, in Scapa Flow scuttle of German fleet. Seacocks and valves opened, then smashed. Turned turtle three hours after scuttle order given.
Diving: Upside-down, least depth to top of hull 12m, but port side clear of silty bottom. Explored via main deck below vessel. Huge guns. Holes made in hull at engine room, boiler room and torpedo rooms during salvage. Massive warship needs several dives to explore. They dont come much bigger.
Launch: Stromness; Scapa; Burray.