9505-ton P&O liner, built Greenock 1903. Commandeered by government as armed merchant cruiser 1915. 520ft x 58ft. 340hp triple-expansion engines.

Armed: Eight 6in guns.

Cargo: 900 US troops, Halifax, Nova Scotia, for London.

Position: 50 23.13N; 00 28.72W.

Depth: 45m.
Sunk: 23 May, 1918, by one torpedo from UB-57 (Oberleutnant Johann Lohs). 57 US soldiers killed.
Diving: On port side, least depth 28m at stern. Two guns there point surfacewards. Much decking in place at stern on vertical drop to sand and shingle. Other guns amidships in wreckage where torpedo struck. More damage forward. Bow intact. Many of 1000 portholes still in place. Propellers and condensers salvaged. Viz very good. Beware depth - divers have been killed on this wreck.
Launch: Littlehampton.