11,420-ton French liner, built Newcastle 1923, taken as war prize by Royal Navy, used as troopship. 476ft x 62ft. 10,300hp turbine engines. Cargo: 223 crew, 29 gunners, 10 Army staff and three signallers. Le Havre to Southampton. Position: 50 36.00N; 00 58.58W. Depth: 32m.
Sunk: 6 April, 1945, when in convoy VWP 16, by a single torpedo from U-1195 (Kapitanleutnant Ernst Cordes, who had sunk the James Eagan Layne a few days earlier. Cordes killed with 30 of his crew when depth charged by destroyer escort).
Diving: Despite some salvage and dispersal, much wreckage stands upright 14m proud. Piles of steel plates and girders on very large site. Most of the 200 portholes are among the tangle. Mud and sand seabed; viz can be poor. Two-metre scour on north-east side.
Launch: Bembridge.