15,000-ton battleship, built Portsmouth 1898. 430ft x 75ft. 15,000hp triple-expansion engines. Armed: four 12in, twelve 6in, sixteen 12-pounder and six 3-pounder guns, four torpedo tubes. Position: 50 13.14N; 03 03.99W.

Depth: 60m.
Sunk: 1 January, 1915, by two torpedoes from U-24 (Oberleutnant Rudolf Schneider) while on gunnery exercises off Portland Bill. 547 of 780 crew lost.
Diving: Completely upside-down, 40m proud. One propeller has been removed in unauthorised salvage. Another has been blown off, but is nearby and still attached to shaft. Guns can still be seen in casemates (armoured enclosures) crushed into seabed. Big break in hull just forward of the bridge almost cutting wreck in half. War grave - do not enter.
Launch: Dartmouth; Brixham.