3616-ton cargo steamer, built 1905. 375ft x 46ft. 3600hp triple-expansion engine.

Armed: 4.7in gun on stern.

Cargo: 500 tons chalk, 50 tons general, London for Philadelphia.

Position: 50 12.75N; 03 50.88W. Depth: 37m.
Sunk: 23 March, 1917, by torpedo from bow tube of UC-17 (Oberleutnant Ralph Wenninger) striking port side level with No 2 hold. Despite tow, sank one mile from Bolt Head.
Diving: Upright on even keel on shingle. 15m proud. Most popular dive in Devon. Remains of superstructure to starboard. Most broken on port side near bow. Bronze propeller and iron spare salvaged by Torbay BSAC, which bought wreck for100 in 1962. Gun gone, bell recovered 1987. Recent deterioration of counterstern.
Launch: Hope Cove; Salcombe.