5531-ton German light cruiser, built Hamburg 1916. 510ft x 46ft. (Replacement for earlier Koln, sunk August 1914). 48,708hp steam turbines.

Armed: eight 5.9in guns in turrets, two 3.4in guns, four torpedo tubes. Position: 58 53.53N; 03 08.45 W. Depth: 35m.
Sunk: 21 June, 1919, one of 52 warships of the German Imperial Navy High Seas Fleet successfully scuttled by their crews in Scapa Flow (45 later raised).
Diving: Lying on starboard side, mostly intact. Propellers and one anchor lifted. Some explosive salvage in engine room near stern. Fire control tower is ahead of bridge. Top of one portside gun in turret nearby is highest point at 20m. Stern gun in good condition and turret points dead astern. Some entry holes at bow and stern need great care. Beware disturbing internal silt.
Launch: Houton Bay; Stromness; Burray.