1210-ton three-masted iron sailing ship, built 1874. 214ft x 36ft. Cargo: General, including much pottery and glass, London for Wellington, New Zealand. Position: 50 26.56N; 02 50.65W. Depth: 52m.
Sunk: 11 September, 1877, in collision with 1488-ton Forest, another sailing ship. Three of 97 Avalanche crew jumped to safety on Forest, which later foundered, with nine crew saved. Public subscriptions raised money to build church at Southwell as memorial.
Diving: Upright, 4m proud, slight list to port. Badly damaged port side near bow, which is twisted to starboard. Collapsed stern marked by champagne bottles. Pottery spilling from holds. Wreck found by Sutton Bingham divers in 1984. One anchor was raised and is displayed at the Avalanche Memorial Church, with beautiful pottery recovered by divers. No entry should be attempted into this wreck. Permission to dive and recover any goods, as granted by the owners, rests solely with those divers who discovered the wreck.

Lyme Regis; Weymouth.