Number 18  

 3274-ton barquentine-rigged iron steam yacht, built 1879. 334ft x 40ft. 412hp triple-expansion engines.

Cargo: 113 passengers on one of first-ever package tours, 105 crew, London for nine Mediterranean ports.

Position: 50 48.55N; 00 50.53E. Depth: 32m.
Sunk: 29 September, 1908 in collision in fog with 2355-ton steamer Kingswell. All saved.
Diving: On even keel, 10m proud. Remarkably intact. Stern attractive, with castle effect from 4ft-square windows. Some salvage work done - condensers removed, to surprise of owners, divers John Nightingale, Ian ORiley and Malcolm Ilott. Look, but do not take. Beware silting and trawl nets.
Launch: Rye.