3099-ton four-masted iron steamer, built 1874. 380ft x 38ft. 500hp engines.
Cargo: 600 tons hand-painted Belgian china and glassware, 2533 tons of iron rails and machinery, Middlesbrough and Antwerp for Madras.

Position: 50 29.50N; 00 26.03W. Depth: 58m.
Sunk: 7 March, 1889 in night collision with 1478-ton sailing ship Vandalia. All 47 crew of Duke of Buccleugh lost.
Diving: Upright and 8m proud. Masts lying across it. Large split in starboard side close to bridge is collision damage, suggesting it was rammed by Vandalia and not, as its captain stated, the other way round. China and glass-ware in holds mostly broken, but some intact pieces can be found. Viz usually good.
Launch: Littlehampton.