6889-ton four-masted liner, built 1897as Cleopatra. 482ft x 52ft. 894hp triple-expansion engines.

Cargo: 1280 tons general, including 3000 slabs of tin, spirits, beer, linoleum, prunes, matches, cheese, nutmeg, preserves, jute, rice, books, coffee, toys, lard, pepper, tobacco, bacon, horse hair, furniture, lace, church ornaments. 53 passengers, 103 crew, London for New York. Position: 50 03.33N; 05 02.67W

Depth: 26m.
Sunk: 14 October, 1898 by striking Manacle Rocks (first Vase, then Voices) when steering wrong course after passing the Eddystone.
Diving: Boilers at deepest part. Bow shallower at 23m. Hull collapsed, leaving ribs and shallow compartments, but items still being found. Dive only at slack; strong tides.
Launch: Porthoustock.