14,294-ton twin-screw Polish liner converted by Admiralty to troopship at start of WWII, built 1935. 526ft x 70ft. 2516hp diesel engines. Armed: AA guns.

Cargo: In ballast, Tyne for Australia.

Position: 53 45.75N; 00 45.67E. Depth: 33m.
Sunk: 26 November, 1939 after striking German mine 25 miles off Withernsea. 10 crew lost.
Diving: Biggest Yorkshire wreck. Bow section 9m proud, broken off and listing 45 to port. Embossed letters of name on starboard side. Three decks to explore - with care. Stern upright, but more broken, 5m proud. Both props buried in shingle. Beware very strong currents on seabed and overfalls above.
Launch: Hull; Bridlington; Scarborough.