5531-ton German light cruiser, built 1917. 510ft x 47ft. 31000hp coal/oil-fired turbines.

Armed: 8 x 5.9in, 2 x 3.4in AA guns, four torpedo tubes, 200 mines, 559 crew.

Position: 58 52.98N; 03 18.37W. Depth: 34m.
Sunk: 21 June, 1919 when scuttled by crew in Scapa Flow.
Diving: Largely intact, lying on her port side. Bow covered in growth. Anchor chains out. Foremast on seabed. On starboard side of intact bridge is a 5.9in gun turret, gun facing forward. Stern intact with gun turrets in place. Condensers salvaged, leaving hole where three funnels used to be.
Launch: Houton; Stromness.