2366-ton US tank-landing ship, built 1943. 328ft x 50ft.

Cargo: 16 Army trucks and landing craft on deck; 22 amphibious DUKWs in hold. Position: 50 27.15N; 02 43.55W.

Depth: 50m.
Sunk: 28 April, 1944, when taking part in Slapton Sands Exercise Tiger practice for Normandy invasion landing on Utah Beach. Torpedoed by 40-knot German E-boats based in Cherbourg, 202 US servicemen killed. Total US casualties in Exercise Tiger: 638.
Diving: Bow almost completely capsized with entry ramp open to west. Stern lies 200m to south-east upside-down, showing twin four-bladed props and beach-landing skegs. Poking out from under stern is a crushed infantry landing craft. This is a war grave, so dive accordingly.
Launch: Lyme Regis; Weymouth.