5306-ton British liner, built 1901. 410ft x 50ft. 387hp triple-expansion engines.

Cargo: 213 passengers, 5000 tons general, 180 tons ammunition for Army, 1700 tons mail, including diamonds, London for Bombay. Position: 50 40.92N; 00 35.17W. Depth: 24m.
Sunk: 2 July, 1918 by torpedo in port side from UB-57 (Oberleutnant Johann Lohs). Five crew killed.
Diving: Maximum depth in front of boiler. Sand fills open holds. Bow and stern 7m proud. Much damage from explosives, crane and grab used in commercial salvage. Items found recently include binoculars, telescopes, wine, shell-cases, French perfume, brass clocks, medical equipment, elephant tusks and lorry spares, but diamonds and ships bell still in wreckage!
Launch: Littlehampton.