13,405-ton Cunard liner, built 1913. 520ft x 64ft. 1324hp quadruple-expansion engines.

Cargo: 8,000 tons general, New York to London. 180 passengers landed at Falmouth. Of 166 crew, two killed. Position: 50 41.05N; 00 27.28E. Depth: 36m.
Sunk: 19 October, 1916 by hitting a German mine. Two crew lost.
Diving: Lying at 45 on her port side but remarkably intact. First 30m from bow almost perfect, more broken amidships and at stern. Anchor still hanging from chain at bow. Superstructure has slid down decks, wheel house lies 10m to port. Bow is 12m proud.
Launch: Eastbourne, Bexhill.