4332-ton British steamer intended to win Blue Riband record Atlantic crossing, built 1874. 400ft x 43ft. 900hp compound steam engines. Cargo: 218 passengers, 1800 tons general, including much earthenware, Liverpool for New York. Position: 53 25.20N; 04 20.40W. Depth: 20m.
Sunk: 9 May,1877, when helm was put the wrong way, sending ship onto rocks of East Mouse, Anglesey. All saved by lifeboat.
Diving: Broken in three. Boilers form highest point. Sections of hull lean against East Mouse rock. Winches and propshaft clear. Frames in place. Full bottles of wine and many cups have been recovered. Plates scattered over wide area. Beware strong bottom currents.
Launch: Amlwch.