407-ton French submarine chaser, taken over by Royal Navy at fall of France, built 1939. 116ft x 18ft. Armed with 75mm field gun, one 2-pounder, two 20mm Oerlikons, four machine guns and depth charges.

Position: 50 34.95N; 01 56.18W.

Depth: 32m.
Sunk: 21 December, 1943, when capsized in south-westerly gales off Anvil Point, Dorset, while escorting submarine HMS Rorqual, Portland for Portsmouth. Six of Free French crew of 23 saved.
Diving: Owned by Swanage skipper Eddie Bennet, who has raised big gun from bow. Both propellers lifted. Lies on port side on rock and slate bed. Hull has twist in middle. Parts of the superstructure remain, as does much ammunition.
Launch: Swanage.