Malvina: 1244-ton iron-screw steamer-schooner, built 1879. 254ft x 31ft. Armed.

Cargo: General, London for Leith. Position: 54 08.25N; 00 04.40W.

Depth: 25m.
Sunk: 3 August, 1918, by torpedo from UB-104 when 1 mile from Flamborough Head. Fourteen lost.
UB-107: 649-ton German UBIII class submarine, built 1917. 181ft x 19ft. Believed destroyed by depth-charging of armed yacht and trawlers on 27 July, 1918, off Scarborough, but found entangled with wreck of Malvina by divers in 1985.
Diving: U-boat lies at right angles to steamer and her bow enters the Malvinas broken wreckage by the engines, which are tilted over behind two boilers. Submarine identified by number engraved on prop. Beware strong tidal currents.
Launch: Flamborough.