6809-ton passenger-cargo steamer, built 1930. 459ft x 61ft. Armed with 12-pounder on stern. Cargo: 9000 tons cosmetics, horses, bicycles, toy lead soldiers, mercury, medical supplies, jeeps and tyres, Chinese coins, London for Hong Kong, via Firth of Forth for convoy assembly. Position: 55 33.15N; 01 36.07W. Depth: 28m.
Sunk: 27 March, 1941, two days after being bombed by Heinkel 111 and set on fire. Exploded while under tow. No casualties.
Diving: Upright. Extensively salvaged. Stern gun in place. Cargo, particularly bicycles, in clear view. Many bottles. Some coins, but most carried onto nearby beaches. Dive at slack. Beware of strong spring tide currents.
Launch: Beadnell.