18,673-ton five-deck trans-Atlantic passenger liner, able to carry 860 passengers and 310 crew, built 1938. Oil engines. 590ft x 73ft.

Cargo: In ballast after refit as troopship, Liverpool to Newcastle. Position: 55 00.17N; 01 23.72W. Depth: 15m.
Sunk: 1 December, 1940, when back broken by German acoustic mine, beached close to Tynemouth.
Diving: Largest shipwreck on East coast. Huge amount of broken wreckage on sand seabed. Bow section points seaward. Four diesel engines clear after inward collapse. Pewter, crested pottery, silver salvers and brass portholes often found. Wreckage of 5317-ton Greek steamer Eugenia Chandris lies in contact near engine room after she struck Oslofjord wreck on 15 March, 1943.
Launch: South Shields.