9600-ton merchantman, converted to minelayer, built 1940. 498ft x 68ft. Armed.

Cargo: 550 sea mines and 6000 rounds ammunition for 10 AA guns aboard.
Position: 57 15.98N; 05 41.18W.

Depth: 21m.
Sunk: 27 November, 1940, after fire broke out during mine-loading at Kyle of Lochalsh. Towed into Loch Alsh where sank after explosion (not of mines, which were salvaged by RN divers in 1950).
Diving: Lies on starboard side about 300m from shore. Largely intact. Deck planking still in place as are many guns. Much of hull open to daylight through removal of portside plating during Navy mine salvage. At stern four minelaying doors provide diver exits. Needs more than one dive to explore this big ship.
Launch: Kyle of Lochalsh; Kyleakin, Skye.