Plympton: 2869-ton British steamer (pictured), built 1893. 314ft x 40ft. 256hp triple expansion engines.

Cargo: 4100 tons maize, Rosario to Dublin, via Falmouth.

Position: 49 53.00N; 06 20.48W (all positions are GPS).
Sunk: 14 August, 1909, by running on to Lethegus Rocks, St Agnes, Isles of Scilly in thick fog. Capsized later and sank, drowning two islanders engaged in salvage.
Hathor: 7060-ton German steamship, built 1912. 472ft x 61ft. 482hp 3-cylinder triple expansion engines.

Cargo: Nitrate of soda, oil cake, Chile to Portland.
Sunk: 2 December, 1920, on Lethegus Rocks after breaking free from tow and dragging anchors.
Depth: 33m.
Diving: Plympton upside-down under Hathor, which lies crosswise. Hathor boilers clear at 25m. Plympton bows towards shore. Wreckage very tangled.
Launch: St Marys, Isles of Scilly.