5382-ton Belgian steamer, formerly War Buffalo, built 1918. 400ft x 52ft. 517hp triple-expansion engines. Armed with 4.7in gun on stern, two 20mm Oerlikons amidships.

Cargo: Powdered egg, tinned meat, baby food and soap for starving Belgians, Cardiff for Antwerp. Position: 50 17.00N; 03 58.15W.

Depth: 28m.
Sunk: 11 February, 1945, by torpedo from UB-1017. 20 crew lost. Didnt sink immediately, and propeller cut two packed lifeboats in half.
Diving: Owned by Plymouth Sound BSAC. Bronze propeller and guns salvaged. Bow 10m proud. Lies on port side. Very broken amidships. Collapsed inwards. Three boilers clear near 2.5m anchor.
Launch: Challaborough, Thurlestone Sands.