420-ton German UCII-class minelayer submarine of Flanders Flotilla, built 1916. 170ft x 17ft. Seven torpedoes, 18 mines, 88mm gun. POSITION: 54 01.00N; 00 20.00E. DEPTH: 51m.
SUNK: 18 November, 1917, by ramming and depth-charging of HMS P-57. No survivors.
DIVING: Bow down in sand. Conning tower opened, possibly by Royal Navy diver Dusty Miller, who entered her next day to retrieve minefield plans (Diver, September and October 1998). Interior silted up to hatch. Live shells scattered around gun. Stern torpedo tubes (empty) blown off. Bow torpedo tubes with doors closed lie clear. Large hole on port side stern. Aft hatch shut. Stern 6m clear. Both propellers in place. Mine chute hatches closed.
LAUNCH: Bridlington.