6610-ton P&O liner, built 1888. 468ft x 52ft. 7000hp triple expansion engines.

CARGO: General, plus 747,110 worth of gold and silver ingots. 40 passengers, 210 crew, London to Bombay.

POSITION: 50 42.32N; 00 25.75E. DEPTH: 22m.
SUNK: 16 March, 1912, in collision with Pisagua, 2850-ton German four-masted steel barque. Nine from Oceana drowned when lifeboat capsized. All except a few ingots recovered in immediate diving salvage.
DIVING: One more silver ingot recovered by sport diver in 1996. Beware strong tides, dive only on slack of 30 minutes. Boilers 6m proud amid tangle of wreckage. Sand covers and uncovers some sections.
LAUNCH: Eastbourne.