550-ton Royal Navy destroyer-torpedo boat, built 1903. 225ft x 24ft. 7000hp triple-expansion engines. One 12-pounder, five 6-pounders, two torpedo tubes.
POSITION: 50 16.70N; 04 10.80W.

DEPTH: 46m.
SUNK: 15 March, 1917, bow section blown off by German mine in Dover Straits, sank immediately, stern section sank while under tow 3 miles east of Eddystone. Twenty-seven out of 70 killed.
DIVING: Very broken. Boilers obvious. Some sections 6m proud. One gun clear, rest under wreckage piled near bow. Torpedo tubes visible. Starboard side collapsing inwards. Nameplate recovered 1972. Treat as war grave.
LAUNCH: Plymouth.