13,936-ton Cunard liner, built 1917, used as troopship. 520ft x 65ft. Steam turbines. In ballast, Liverpool to New York.

POSITION: 56 36.10N; 06 19.60W.

DEPTH: 9-26m.
SUNK: 5 February, 1918, under tow after torpedo from UB-67 hit port side of engine room. Eight firemen killed. Driven ashore by gale at Caliach Point, Isle of Mull.
DIVING: Much broken. Bow 7m proud in 26m, stern badly smashed in 12m. Northampton BSAC found Silver Pit (remains of the silver room where liners silver plate was stored). Care with underwater back-swell off cliffs. Wreck owned by Richard Greeves of Salen Pier, Aros, Mull, who also supplies air.
LAUNCH: Calgary Bay, Mull; Tobermory.