15,585-ton Royal Sovereign class battleship, built 1891. 380ft x 75ft. Four 13.5in, ten 6in, sixteeen 6-pounder guns.

POSITION: 50 29.72N; 02 57.88W.

DEPTH: 44m.
SUNK: 4 November, 1913, by shells fired during Royal Navy gunnery tests, holed below waterline, capsized.
DIVING: Sits upside-down. Propellers removed earlier. Hole in port side due to salvage of a condenser. Depth to keel 30m. Two openings amidships where contents of mess have spilled out. Portholes like bay windows. Do not enter by going in through 3m scour underneath, as most of wreck tight to mud seabed.
LAUNCH: Teignmouth; Brixham.