5409-ton Swedish motor vessel, built 1942. 434ft x 56ft. Twin six-cylinder oil engines.

CARGO: Iron ore, Oxeloesund, Sweden for Glasgow.

POSITION: 55 56.72N; 04 54.33W. DEPTH: 40m.
SUNK: 9 April, 1956, by striking Gantock Rocks, Firth of Clyde due to steering problems. Six killed out of crew of 33.
DIVING: Largely intact, upright, and biggest reck in Clyde. Superstructure lies to west. Bow shallowest part at 16m, stern deck at 24m. Beware tides and collapsing areas. Penetrate with great care. Silt easily stirred up in holds, lower decks and engine room.
LAUNCH: Largs; Gourock.