4609-ton steamship, built 1910. 385ft x 52ft. Armed.

Cargo: tinned meat, butter, jam, coffee, cigarettes, peanuts, potato crisps, anti-personnel shells, timber, Montreal to Plymouth via Barry. Position: 50 04.25N; 05 04.03W (all positions are GPS).

Depth: 20m.
Sunk: 14 December, 1917, by striking a mine 2 miles south-east of the Manacles and attempting to beach in Porthallow Bay.
Diving: Much broken, but two big boilers stand clear. Third, smaller boiler is close by, amid bollards, steel plates, ribs and some complete sections. Bow marked by anchor winches and chain. Stern is broken away, lies 18m to north. Much commercial salvage for brass shellcases, but many still in silt. Thousands of lead balls on site were originally packed in shells as shrapnel. Beware detonators.
Launch: Porthoustock, Lizard.