6094-ton former German steamer Rudelsburg, handed over to Britain at end of WWI as part of reparations, built 1916. 470ft x 62ft.

Cargo: Maize, Belfast to Rotterdam.

Position: 50 01.43N; 05 40.28W.

Depth: 36m.
Sunk: 8 October, 1923, by striking the Runnel Stone rock in thick fog so hard that she broke her back and knocked the top of the stone right off. All aboard saved by Sennen and Penlee lifeboats.
Diving: Bow very broken in rock gully on eastern face of Runnel Stone at 30m. Stern lies towards south and is more intact and deeper at 50m. Some of superstructure is still in place and upright. Much wreckage nearby may be of other wrecks.
Launch: Sennen Cove, near Lands End.