2484-ton British steamer, built 1916. 380ft x 53ft. Armed on stern.

Cargo: 7000 tons flour, oats, timber and anti-personnel artillery shells, Halifax, Nova Scotia to Portsmouth.

Position: 50 36.45N; 01 09.92W. Depth: 17m.
Sunk: 12 April, 1918, when hit in port side by two torpedoes from UC-71 near St Catherines Point, Isle of Wight, finally sinking in Sandown Bay. Four crew died.
Diving: Popular dive site. Broken up by dispersal in 1923 and salvage in 1970, but two big boilers and parts of stern stand 4m proud of seabed wreckage. Shellcases and brass shell heads to be found north of boilers, amid hundreds of anti-personnel lead balls.
Launch: Shanklin beach.