3111-ton four-masted steel clipper, built 1902. 336ft x 46ft.

Cargo: 4250 tons of wheat, Port Lincoln, Australia to Ipswich, via Falmouth.

Position: 50 12.82N; 03 47.02W (all positions are GPS).

Depth: 7m.
Sunk: 25 April, 1936, by striking the Ham Stone off Soar Mill Cove in fog. Raised and towed to Starehole Bay, near Salcombe, where it was settled upright ready for repairs before its back broke in later storms.
Diving: Popular with photographers and novices - and all divers when weatherbound! Much plate amid kelp. Bow and chain locker still intact with anchor chain leading seaward. Some ribs standing.
Launch: Salcombe.