61,263-ton Liberian supertanker, built 1959. Jumbo-ised in Japan, 1965, length increased from 809ft to 974ft which made it largest tanker in world.

Cargo: 119,328 tons crude oil, Kuwait to Milford Haven.

Position: 50 02.50N; 06 07.73W.

Depth: 3-30m.
Sunk: 18 March, 1967, navigational error of ships master, striking Pollard Rock, Seven Stones Reef, between Lands End and Isles of Scilly, at 17 knots. Refloat attempts failed, then back was broken in storm. Oil fouled beaches of Cornwall and Devon.
Diving: Very broken wreck is spread over much of the square mile of reef. Bow section lies to the north-west of Pollard Rock in a deep gully in the granite; stern well to the south. Much growth. Beware unexploded bombs and rockets and a big swell.
Launch: Scillies.