1100-ton iron steamer, built 1858.

Cargo: 1600 tons military stores from Woolwich Arsenal, Lancaster guns, shot and shell, uniforms, hides, spirits, oil, sugar and spices. Woolwich for Malta.

Position: 49 57.55N; 05 10.42W.

Depth: 18m.
Sunk: 22 January, 1859, by hitting Vrogue Rock, half a mile off Lizard, Cornwall, had turned back suffering boiler trouble in squally weather. Broke in two behind funnel. Captain Robert Jackson, his wife, son and 10 of the crew drowned.
Diving: To north-east of Vrogue Rock, seabed carpeted with round shot and some 9ft guns lie amid iron wreckage. Buttons from uniforms and other small items in clefts in rock gullies.
Launch: Cadgwith, Kennack Sands.