2938-ton, Belgian steamer, built 1930, converted to infantry landing ship 1941. 347ft x 46ft. Armed. Isle of Wight to Normandy.

Position: 50 34.58N; 00 55.87W.

Depth: 30m.
Sunk: 29 July, 1944, by torpedo from German U-boat, striking portside, midships.
Diving: Despite capsizing on sinking, wreck is now upright, but twisted with starboard list on gravel seabed. Highest point is Bofors gun, 10m proud. Large hole on port side is torpedo damage. Bow lists more than stern, which has 30* lean. Superstructure swept away. Beware depth charges on racks at stern. Take care on any entry into wreck, metal deteriorating fast.
Launch: Bracklesham, Selsey, Bognor.