Number 98  
1597-ton steamer. 350ft x 42ft. British and Irish Line cattle-carrier. Dublin for Birkenhead via Holyhead RN inspection control point.
Cargo: Irish cattle and sheep.
Position: 53 20.47N; 04 36.27W.
Depth: 25m.
Sunk: 16 August 1940, by first acoustic mine dropped in shipping lanes by German bomber. Explosion during RN inspection. All 20 crew and eight drovers saved. Inspection craft HMS Manx Lad sunk in same explosion.
Diving: Salvage, so fairly broken. Some parts stand upright 8m proud of shingle and sand. Bow section intact, anchor on chain. Bridge off wreck to port with two encrusted gantries. Stern 5m proud. Slack water three hours before both low and high. Often silty, so dive just after turn.
Launch: Holyhead Harbour.