Number 95  
2244-ton Cunard steamer, built 1865. 303ft x 39ft. 212hp compound engines.
Cargo: 2000 tons general including copper ingots, tin plate and pig iron. Liverpool for Genoa and Venice via Falmouth.
Position: 50 08.13N; 05 42.42W.
Depth: 8m-15m.
Sunk: 15 October, 1889, ran ashore in dense fog under cliffs of Kenidjack Castle, half-mile north of Cape Cornwall.
Diving: Wreckage in kelp and sand patches among boulders. Silver-plated Cunard-crested items - coffee pots found recently. Despite heavy salvage, copper ingots still turn up. Strong currents. Bow in 8m under iron spike driven into cliff. Stern in 15m. Wreck of Italian steamer Aldo Lauro close by. Bronze Age weapons also found in area.
Launch: Sennen, Cornwall.