Number 94  
12,124-ton liner, built 1909, converted by RN to merchant cruiser in 1914. 535ft x 64ft. 12,000hp quadruple expansion engines. Nine 6in guns.
Cargo: 665 US troops and equipment, Halifax, Nova Scotia for Glasgow.
Position: 55 45.46N; 06 28.40W.
Depth: 11-17m.
Sunk: 6 October, 1918 in collision with liner Kashmir in same convoy during Force 11 gale. Broke up after grounding off Isle of Islay, Scotland. 431 drowned.
Diving: Very broken, salvaged. Much wreckage in Machir Bay. Owned by Tim Epps of Islay, who supplies air. Six massive boilers side by side, each 5m proud in centre of wreckage. Guns nearby. Beware 6in shellcases to right of boilers - warheads fitted. Silver dollars found during salvage. Swell over wreck in westerlies.
Launch: Kilchiaran Bay, Islay.