2405-ton mv collier, built 1953. 262ft x 38ft. Eight-cylinder oil engine.
Cargo: 2290 tons coal. Goole, Humber, for Shoreham, Sussex.
Position: 53 02.92N; 00 58.20E.
Depth: 20m.
Sunk: Coal shifted on 2 April 1973 in Force 9 off Norfolk. Sank after crew airlifted in heroic RAF helicopter rescue.
Diving: Only shipwreck bought by BSAC for divers! Lies on sand so close to drop-off of Blackeney Overfalls (buoyed) that bow nudges bank top. Almost intact, coal still inside. Leans to port - deep scour on that side. Some turbulence over wreck.
Launch: Blakeney Harbour (dries), Cley-next-the-Sea, Weybourne.