1277-ton fully-rigged iron sailing ship, built 1877. 225ft x 36ft.
Cargo: 7000 cases of whisky, bottled beer, general. Brick ballast. Glasgow for Adelaide.
Position: 51 41.78N; 05 07.00W.
Depth: 10m.
Sunk: 30 January 1894, ran ashore on Thorn Island while seeking shelter from gale in Milford Haven. Heroic rescue of all 33 aboard by Angle lifeboat.
Diving: Very broken in kelp 20m from southern end of island. Some sections surprisingly large, decking still visible. Bricks all over bottom bear Glasgow manufacturers name. Whisky galore on shore for locals and little of cargo recovered by Customs. Divers often find full, but undrinkable, bottles of whisky under sand patches. Good novice dive. Contact Milford Haven Port Authority before diving.
Launch: West Angle.