6953-ton Australian steamer used as casualty-clearing ship, built 1903. 415ft x 52ft 770hp triple-expansion engines. Armed: 4.7in guns on stern. Cargo: 2600 tons general and Australian mails, plus hospital supplies and medical staff, Tilbury for Sydney, Australia, via Devonport to embark 1,000 Australian wounded. Position: 50 34.90N; 01 56.59W.

Depth: 30m.
Sunk: 26 May, 1918 by torpedo portside amidships from UB-57 (Oberleutnant Johann Lohs). Six crew killed.
Diving: Stands 18m proud of rocky seabed, and is most dived wreck in Dorset. Many brass fittings. Holds still contain perfume, red wine, champagne, stout, vinegar bottles, sticks of red sealing wax, bales of cloth, rolls of lino, medical supplies. Recent finds include silver purses, mens pocket watches, ladies gold watches. Dive at slack; beware strong tides.
Launch: Swanage.