BAGIQ Smart Adventure
Not another bag to test! I thought, and I bet youre thinking the same.
ÂÂÂÂ Well most dive bags are made in China now, and it seems that a billion Chinese people have sewing machines at home and all seem intent on knocking out examples. So there are a lot on the market and they have never been better value.
ÂÂÂÂ The question is, have they ever been better quality The problem for me is that I need to try each one to find out about them, and the ones that fall apart on the first trip usually dont make it to these pages.
ÂÂÂÂ The 80 x 38 x 38cm Smart Adventure Bag from IQ Company has a capacity of 130 litres and some useful features that make it worthy of mention. It also has a slight design flaw.
ÂÂÂÂ It may be capacious but its slim enough to slide past the check-in staff on the belt, so no trips to the oversize baggage belt later. It has two rigid sides which allow it both to be wheeled with its extending handle and laid flat on its back on a couple of sled runners.
ÂÂÂÂ The bag splits into two sections which are closed together with a single lockable zip, speeding things up at airport security checks. However, the zip does not take the strain during handling. This is taken up by two built-in 3cm webbing straps that run the whole way round the bag and are closed by two large pinch-clips. Just to give you an idea, my wife packed 32kg of clothes into the bag for one journey to the Med and it arrived after a return trip with no part of it damaged.
ÂÂÂÂ The two halves are lined with a waterproof material and there are typical suitcase straps to stop loose contents sliding about within. Thats no problem for me. My bags are always filled to overflowing. One section is closed with a zip-in rubberised panel, whereas the other has a zip-in net panel. Once loaded, the two halves are zipped up, closed together and the outer zip closed and padlocked too.
ÂÂÂÂ So whats the flaw Well, Im not sure if its just a capricious idea or whether it has a genuine design function, but the outer zip does not take a simple symmetrical route. Instead, it cuts across to form two opposing boot-shaped sections.
ÂÂÂÂ I suppose this enables the manufacturer to use a single piece of rigid material in an L-shape for both bottoms, whether the case is lying on its back or standing on its wheels. Im sure this makes it stronger but it also makes it quite difficult to pack.
ÂÂÂÂ Apart from that, in addition to my wifes experience, I used it for a dive trip to Egypt and I suggest that it will survive quite a few more journeys yet.
Available in black or navy, the IQ Smart Adventure Bag costs around £90.
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  • Divernet Divernet
    + Big and strong
    + Good-value price

    - Slightly difficult to pack