LAMP Seacsub Lighthouse lamp

THE BUZZWORD AMONG THOSE WHO DISCUSS UNDERWATER LIGHTING may be HID, but these recent arrivals on the scene are not necessarily the be-all and end-all of the subject. HID lights are expensive to buy, are said by some to be fragile, take time to fire-up, and give a light which, although very penetrative, is not all that sympathetic to its subjects.
  There is often good reason to stick with the older technology of a quartz-halogen lamp and a big battery.
  The Seacsub Lighthouse is such a lamp. At nearly 2kg and 24cm long, its big and bulky by modern standards. It comprises a heavily anodised aluminium tube with a metal handle. Its ni-mh battery-pack takes time to charge, and you have to take the lamp apart to connect it to its intelligent charger. But for all that, it works. Ni-mh batteries have no memory, so can be charged at any time.
 You get a comfortably even beam in a warm colour range thats pretty bright. The lamp has a simple rotating switch that is easy to use under water, and a positive lock to stop it coming on accidentally in your bag and burning a hole in your suit.
  Its meant to give a burntime of 50 minutes or so. Alas, the example sent to me to try would not retain a charge. I dont know if this was due to a fault with the charger or with the battery-pack but it failed after only 10 minutes or so of burntime. That might have been awkward had I been using it in the dark.
 While it was working, the 50W xenon lamp was certainly effective to use even in bright Bahamas sunshine, revealing sponges and corals in their natural colours.
The Seacsub Lighthouse costs £299.

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  • Divernet
    + Simple design
    + Even, bright beam

    - Heavy to transport
    - Test example faulty