Appeared in DIVER March 2006

FINS Beuchat X-Jet
THE LAST PAIR OF FINS I TRIED from the long-established French manufacturer Beuchat was, to be frank, not very good. They were strongly made but failed spectacularly when lined up against industry standards such as the Mares Plana Avanti Quattro.
This new fin design, the X-Jet, is of much lighter weight. It reminds me of the well-liked Cressi Rondine A, in that it has a crisp and rigid paddle blade with edge flutes and shaped vents that do well to stop side-slip during the downstroke.
I took them for a weeks diving in the Red Sea aboard the Blue Seas liveaboard and, although I was the guest of Big John, who not only handles the Blue Planet liveaboard holiday business in the UK but is also now distributor for Beuchat,
I was neither daunted by his presence nor influenced by any input or heavy sales pitch from him.
I simply put the fins on and went diving with them. Of course, he also dived with a pair.
These fins have generous foot-pockets that encompass nearly all of the foot and so do not impart any loading onto the users ankles. I felt I was able to shift plenty of water, thus pushing myself forwards.
I confess that I was never subjected to any strong head-on currents. However, as usual I was pushing my big camera rig around but never had cause for concern over any inability to make forward progress.
If I had any cause to be niggled, I would say that the strap buckles were less efficient than they could be, often allowing the strap to loosen - not so much as to cause concern during
a dive, only on the boats dive platform prior to plunging in.
I would suggest replacing any rubber fin-strap and buckle with stainless-steel spring straps anyway.
Now, I am not suggesting that these fins are in any way better than the most efficient and expensive fins available in the shops. However, they are available at a reasonable price and they work.
The Beuchat X-Jet fins are available in four colours and four sizes and cost£50 per pair. There is also a full-foot version suitable for use without boots at£35.
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    + Effective fin design
    + Economically priced

    - Strap buckles need improvement