MY POINTS OF REFERENCE are becoming outdated. I know that. How many of you have heard of Max Wall, or even Rudolph Nureyev for that matter? How about Mel Brooks’ film Robin Hood: Men In Tights?
Are you getting the picture Well, that was me. That was how I looked in a set of Xerotherm base layer undergarments, before I climbed into my neoprene drysuit. It’s lucky that I still have a body I have always treated as a temple but, as you may have noticed, even the Acropolis is not looking its best lately.
Made from Polartec Powerstretch, a very hi-tech material, the Xerotherm garments cling to your body and trap a layer of air that provides a remarkable amount of insulation. This keeps your body-heat in your body, rather than trying to warm the colder ocean.
All clad in black, I became a living reconstruction of the Cadbury’s Milk Tray man.
Is that another reference that passed you by? How about Black Mamba, a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in Kill Bill 2?
Did I get cold No, and what more could you ask for Had I been in a membrane suit, I might well have worn the Xerotherm under something more substantial, such as a Halo 3D undersuit.
The bottoms pull up so that they are locked by heel-grips, and are fastened at the waist by a drawstring. The top is an unsurprising raglan-sleeved square fleece or sweatshirt with a round collar. The stretch provided by the Powerstretch is what makes it fit so well, and it fits where it touches, which is everywhere.
This is a unisex two-piece.
I know some female divers on whom it would look stunning, but enough of that – this is not that sort of magazine.
The Core Body Warmer is a gilet with a drawstring bottom and is designed to be worn over the two-piece between dives.
It is windproof and fleece-lined with what look like waterproof pockets, one at the chest and two at the sides. It has reinforced seams and a heavy-duty zip. It looks expensive, and it is.
The effect is very acceptable, and I would wear it in Walmart without feeling any danger of qualifying for that growing collection of Internet pictures known as the “Walmart Folks”. In fact, worn in conjunction with the rest of the Xerotherm kit, the overall effect was rather fetching, if I do say so myself!
As they used to say in those shirt ads of a couple of generations ago, it would look even better on a man.

PRICE Xerotherm two-piece £154 / Xerotherm Core Body Warmer £120
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