can get some really inexpensive fins, which I have found to be universally ineffective, or you can spend top-dollar and get something better than average. On the other hand, some cheap fins work really well, while some very expensive fins do not.
It’s only when the chips are down and you find yourself getting your head down and going for it into a current that the truth of their efficacy gets revealed.
These latest lightweight fins from Scubapro are available at what must be the average price for such items. They are very lightweight, at 1.75kg per pair, which means that they are no imposition to pack but might make your feet feel too floaty in a drysuit.

The Design
JetSports look superficially like the much heavier Scubapro Twin Jet Max, in that the blade is vented, but without the split. They have the same strong sidebars that stop the blade from twisting under load, or the water from slipping off the side rather than the end of the blade when it achieves maximum efficiency in pushing a diver forward.
The foot-pocket is very smooth inside, which means that a boot can suck on very securely. That’s good in the water but can lead to a little exasperation when standing on a boat-ladder, trying to pull them off.
The clip-on rubber retaining straps are quite conventional with their quick-release buckles.
My wife discovered that a pair in size M had foot-pockets that were more than adequate to accommodate her drysuit boots, and the pink panels in the blades co-ordinated with the pink panels that were darts in the front of her drysuit.
She gave them a good swim round Wraysbury Dive Centre’s lake before we set off to the Red Sea for a week’s diving.
I can’t say that we encountered any amazingly strong currents but she could certainly keep up with me, even though she was wearing a drysuit.
I guess she must have found them suitable for her requirements there, because the last time I saw them she was packing them for a trip to Vancouver Island’s Inner Passage in British Columbia, where currents can be exceedingly strong.

Mares Wave, £63
TUSA Tri-EX, £69
Oceanic Viper, £45

COLOURS Pink, blue, black
WEIGHT 1.75kg (M)
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