There isn’t a universal mask that will fit everyone, but there is a mask that employs a skirt that seems to come close. It’s from the well-known Scubapro line-up and is called the Synergy Twin Trufit.
I have had one on test for four months now, and taken it under water in the Caribbean, Indonesia and the Red Sea – it has also had a dip at Wraysbury.

The Design
The Synergy is a twin-lens design with teardrop-shaped lenses. I opted for the black-skirted, silver-framed model with tinted and mirrored lenses to add a bit of colour and elegance to these pages...

The mask is available with plain-glass lenses and other colours too, with the added option of clear or black skirts giving a wide choice to cater for differing tastes and needs.
The teardrop shape yields a wider view, especially downwards, allowing easy reading of instruments. The lenses are set in a rigid plastic frame and the strap is attached directly to the skirt.
The strap has a large 3D moulded spider to distribute the load evenly at the back of the wearer’s head, and is adjusted via locking quick-adjust buckles.
The skirt on this mask is what makes it stand out from the crowd. Employing what Scubapro calls Trufit technology, instead of using (as some other mask-makers have) different densities or materials in the skirt, it has constructed it using different thicknesses.
The mask is made from an extremely soft, high-quality silicone that’s thicker at the base and then tapers to a thin flexible edge. The suppleness of the skirt means that it may well collapse, especially under pressure, so Scubapro has incorporated fine ribs moulded into the skirt to make it more rigid yet still retain its softness.

In Use
The first thing I noticed with this mask was just how good it felt. The nose-pocket was large enough to encompass my oversized hooter without putting unwanted pressure on its bridge, a real bonus in the comfort department, and something I normally have to suffer with other masks.
The super-soft silicone instantly conformed to the natural crags and crevices on my face.
A quick inward breath through my nose had the mask stuck like glue without even a hint
of leakage, proving that a good seal had been achieved.
Under water, I found the Synergy’s low volume a bonus, as it put the lenses closer to my eyes to create a wider field of view, and also meant that I could get my eye nearer to my camera’s viewfinder.
I’ve found that some soft silicon masks slip on my face when they’re under water, because the buoyancy created by their air volume forces them upwards, putting unwanted pressure on the nostril end of my nose.
After a few dives this starts to get sore, making for an uncomfortable day.
I’m pleased to report that this wasn’t the case with the Synergy, which stayed exactly where
I wanted it to be. The strap-and-buckle arrangement worked well. With the wide spider at the rear and superior fit of the skirt, I found that I could dive with the mask set fairly loosely, again adding to the comfort factor.
The tinted and mirrored lenses add a blue tinge to everything, and as the underwater scene is already flooded with this hue I didn’t notice that much difference.
On the surface and in bright sunlight it was as if I was wearing a pair of sunglasses.
The gold mirrored finish looks pretty cool on the surface, too – perhaps not for the traditionalist, but the trendy divers among us will love it.

I lent this mask to other divers on my trips to get a better overview of its suitability for differing face shapes, and everyone commented positively on its comfort and fit.
The skirt is where this mask scores the big points. It’s different, it’s innovative, it’s extremely comfortable and it works.
It will fit a larger percentage of face shapes, making it as near to a universal mask as I’ve come across.

COLOURS Clear skirt - blue, pink, yellow. Black skirt - silver, red.
LENS Clear, tinted mirrored
COLOURS Twilight, pink, white Arctic
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