The Design
The Variled 6x2 gets its name from the six high-luminosity 3W light-emitting diodes (LEDs), set in a circle behind a borosilicate glass screen, and the two power-output modes.

The body is made from marine-grade anodised aluminium alloy with a royal blue finish.
The rear of the lamp unscrews to reveal a six-battery compartment that takes LR6 / AA batteries, giving the user the option of using 1.5V alkaline or re-chargeable ni-mh cells to supply the electrical power.
A single O-ring seals the battery compartment, giving a claimed depth-rating
of 300m. For safety, the light is fitted with a patented discharge valve to relieve any increased internal pressure should the batteries gas-off, and clever electronics designed to ensure that it’s trouble-free.
The LEDs are set to give quite a tight beam, with an angle of 12° and an output in the region of 1200 lumens. The rear, watertight micro-switch is self-cleaning and has three settings:
off, 50% and 100%.
The switch is fitted with a lock in the off position to prevent it being accidentally switched on in a dive-bag, leaving you with flat batteries when you come to use it. The lamp has a traditional forward-facing handle with holes that will take ball-mounts, providing camera or video-housing mounting options.
A webbing wrist lanyard is supplied for extra security when the torch is hand-held.

In Use
I took the Variled out to the Maldives to put it through its paces on an intensive week’s liveaboard trip. My first impressions were of a lamp that’s well-engineered, reasonably compact and easy to use.
The battery-pack was not as easy-going as a rechargeable power source with external connections but, as it turned out, I could deploy the same rechargeable batteries that I use for my camera strobes.
My ageing battery-charger had to put in an extra shift or two, however.
The burntimes seemed reasonable – I got two hour-long dives out of a single set of fully charged batteries, although toggling the power settings between half and full helped in this respect.
I put the burntimes to the test in my trusty yellow bucket when I got home. Loaded with Duracell Plus alkaline batteries, the light shone for a total of 1hr 58min at 100% power and lasted for 3hr 55min at 50%.
With rechargeable Sanyo Eneloop X 1.2V 2450mAh ni-mh batteries fitted, the burntimes fell to 1hr 28min and 3hr 15min respectively.
The beam cut through the plankton-rich water and provided a crisp circle of light on the seabed. The tightness of the beam meant that peripheral particles were not brightly lit, aiding good “line of sight” vision.
I lent the lamp to our host Becky Westley on a night dive at Maya Thila, and she used it handheld in conjunction with her compact camera set on Video mode to record some great footage of predation with whitetip reef sharks and hunting morays.
Becky commented favourably on the bright, tight output and ease of use of this torch.

The market seems to be awash with high-output LED diving lights at the moment. There are horses for courses, with lamps designed for specific uses such as photo-focus lights, video lights and some technical diving lights with crazy long burntimes, and also black-light lamps that excite fluorescence in some marine species and invertebrates.
The Bersub Variled 6x2 light is a no-nonsense traditional hand-held diving torch that uses everyday battery technology for its power source. Its extremely bright beam cuts through murky water like a knife through butter.
It represents an ideal choice for those of us who simply want a no-frills diving torch to help us find our way in the dark.

PRICE £350
OUTPUT 1500 lumens
POWERED BY 6 LR6 / AA batteries
BURNTIMES 50%, 4hr. 100%, 2hr (approx)
SIZE 130mm x 70mm diameter
WEIGHT 550grm in air, 200grm in water
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