The Design
The Finn Light I was sent was the Smart 1400-lumen umbilical model, with a long battery-pack and an anatomical Goodman handle.
The light-head has three high-efficiency LEDs set behind borosilicate glass. These deliver light at a colour temperature of 6300K, a cold light that is particularly useful in the conditions found on typical offshore UK dive sites.
Power is supplied from a series of li-ion rechargeable batteries, permanently sealed in heat-treated aluminium alloy canister with
a hard-anodised coating. The lighthead has a Delrin ring around its circumference that, when turned, switches everything on via magnets and controls the light output in three increments.
The “Smart” electronics associated with this model provide a battery-state indicator every time the lamp is initially switched on.
There are three choices of power settings and associated burntimes: 1400-, 700- and 100-lumen light outputs give stated burntimes of 5, 9 and a whopping 48 hours at the lowest (safety) setting. The ring scrolls through the power settings from low to high, then repeats again regardless of which way it’s turned.

Charging is carried out with a smart mains charger through the head-to-lamp connector. The finished package weighs in at 1290g and is depth-rated to a maximum of 200m.
The light is supplied with a UK mains charger and a good-quality roll-top dry bag.

In Use
The battery-pack has a fixing that I positioned on the waist-belt just behind the integrated weight-pouch on the right side. This meant that I could hold the light in my right hand, leaving the left to do all the important stuff such as dump air from the wing and drysuit, or hold my wrist-mounted computer.
The Goodman handle left me with free finger and thumb movement in my right hand for holding onto the shotline, mask-clearing etc.
The lamp was extremely easy to use. A turn of the control ring either way scrolled through the power settings with a satisfying click at each point.
At its highest setting the bright, cool light cut through the dark and uninviting deep UK sea water, with its narrow 10° beam illuminating wreckage and allowing me to see without the reflection of suspended particles getting in the way.
The beam was even and tight, without a trace of hotspots. A piston-clip attached to the handle allowed me to stow the lamp out of the way while I deployed my DSMB and made my ascent.

This well-designed lamp is a valuable addition to the Finnsub range, and the nine stars I have awarded it speak for themselves.

PRICE £715
BATTERIES lithium-ion
OUTPUT 1400, 700 and 100 lumens
MATERIALS Aluminium alloy, elocal anodised finish. Delrin.
SWITCHING Magnetic ring
SAFETY FEATURES Overheat protection
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